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Re: IBC 2003 Section 1621.2.6.1?

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Thanks to all of you who have responded concerning the phantom IBC 2003 Section 1621.2.6.1.

In a way, if one reviews the other nearby sections, you eventually figure out that partitions over six or maybe nine feet have to resist the seismic provisions. In talking to one California S.E. friend today, he said that he and another S.E. were going to get together in a few days and spend a number of hours familiarizing themselves with the code. I advised that they also need to obtain the ASCE 7-02, which has been mentioned in the past few days.

Ordinarily we haven't been using either of these codes, but we do projects in Nevada which adopted the code in the middle of this year, so we have had to scramble and play catch up.

In reviewing the IBC, I was impressed with some sections which the old UBC has never covered.

I submitted a request io the ICC web site concerning this and they advised me that my request has been sent to Larry Franks.

Tune in tomorrow.

Neil Moore, SE, SECB
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california

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