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RE: FEMA 350 & ANSI/AISC 358-05

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Thanks for the answer.

   I see that the new AISC 341-05 (2005 Seismic Provisions) references AISC 358 for SMF and IMF, but not for OMF.  

So I'm thinking the building code (UBC here in S.J.) would reference the AISC Specification which would trigger the AISC Seismic Provisions if you want to use an R of 3.0 or greater.  These provisions say use a prequalified SMF or IMF as specified in AISC 358, or you're stuck with testing a prototype.  Is that correct?
  Or, is there a way to do an OMF without using an IMF, SMF or testing and still satisfy the UBC?  IBC 2003?


-----Original Message----- 
The use of AISC Seismic provisions should be triggered by the local
building code. However, FEMA 350 is not a code and cannot be adopted as
such. But at this time it is the only publication that has prequalified
moment connection design provisions and it should be used hand in hand
with the AISC Seismic.

We will soon have a new code for the prequalified moment connections,
which is the AISC 358-05, and is referenced by the 05 AISC Seismic
provisions. It will be a more clear cut solution once those are adopted.
But in the meantime, FEMA 350 is the de facto guideline, but one needs
to exercise caution in using it and not blindly follow everything that's
in there.

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

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