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RE: Happy Holidays "Structural Plans"

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I upgraded the bandwidth. it's working now.

Casey K. Hemmatyar, PE



I believe that you just killd your bandwidth limit.

FWIW, I figured that it might be the same drawing that someone had plotted
and posted at work, but could not directly confirm it as I got a
"bandwidth exceded" error message from the link.  But, David's reply seems
to imply that it is the same drawing that I have seen (the firm name that
you mentioned made me fairly sure to begin with but was not sure if I was
just experiencing a "senior moment" and not fully remembering correct).

So, if it is that same one (and it sure sounds like it), then I agree that
there was some hilarious stuff in it.  I loved the duct tape note/spec
item.  The concrete one was good too.


Adrian, MI

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Did anybody happen to save a local copy?  The bandwidth gods just toasted the site (I got to see it but didn't save the file).  I think the concrete note was the best..."If concrete is being used then you've done something wrong."

If anyone wants to forward it too me I'll host it and post the link.

David Maynard wrote:

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FUNNY!!!!  I don't know what the best part is.  Is it the 97.2% Submittal, or the Concrete Spec, or the Duct Tape spec, or the 3' min. wheelchair access around the tree.  Thanks.  This made me laugh.

David Maynard, PE

Gillette, Wyoming

From: Casey K. Hemmatyar [mailto:khemmatyar(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Happy Holidays "Structural Plans"

Dear List:

I hope you enjoy this:

"...Got this drawing from an SE in Hawaii. He wanted me to do a plans check to see if he had the adequate support. Any suggestions?
Can we have a plan check done on this right away? We only have a few days until occupancy...."
Happy Holidays

Casey K. Hemmatyar, PE



courtesy of  "Winzler & Kelly consulting engineers" in California.