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Re: Concrete Density

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1) I wasn't aware that "saturated" concrete would weigh noticeably more than "unsaturated" - I always use 150pcf.
2) ??? (see #1) If they took on much water, I would think that freeze-thaw would destroy them in a years time.
3) I'm going with 145pcf for this one.  If its in a form, its flowable, and if its flowable, then is all hydrostatic.  I'll give you the 5 pcf of rebar for free ;-)


Mark Pemberton wrote:
I have a couple general concrete questions.  1) what is the density of cured concrete in a saturated state?  (i.e. a saturated sidewalk)  2) do concrete roof tiles increase in weight substantially when wet?  3) what is the approximate equivalent lateral pressure of a concrete mix against formwork?  Thanks for any input.

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