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RE: Column Design

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It isn't clear to me what you mean be "not possible to get the bending/SF/axial diagrams." If you know the forces at each end of the column, and you know the lateral loading on the column if any, of COURSE you can get the diagram. Unless this is a response spectrum analysis?
When you say "two sets of forces at each end," do you mean "one set in each of two orthogonal directions" or should this read "ONE set of forces at each (of two) ends"?
More information is required.


From: Santhosh Kumar Yedidi [mailto:sant527(--nospam--at)]

After frame analysis we get two sets of forces at each end of a
vertical member (column). But while doing design we generally require
only one set of forces. So can any one help which set of forces have
to be considered.