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RE: Aggregate Spec (Re-post)

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Sorry... I was napping when this came through earlier.

To determine if an aggregate is carbonate or siliceous is pretty basic for a geologist. Carbonates are limestones. Siliceous materials are silicon dioxides.

ACI 301 Section reads as follows: Aggregates?Aggregates shall conform to ASTM C 33, unless otherwise specified. When a single size or a combination of two or more sizes of coarse aggregates are used, the final grading shall conform to the grading requirements of ASTM C 33, unless otherwise specified or permitted. Aggregates used in concrete shall be obtained from the same sources and have the same size ranges as the aggregates used in the concrete represented by submitted historical data or used in trial mixtures.

I would suggest the following specification:
All aggregate shall be in compliance with ACI 301 Section In addition all aggregate shall be certified to be carbonate as defined in ASTM C 294-05 "Standard Descriptive Nomenclature for
Constituents of Concrete Aggregates".

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Aggregate Spec (Re-post)
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This is a re-post

Concrete cover for fire protection is based on aggregate type, carbonate or siliceous. What would be the appropriate ASTM reference to ensure carbonate aggregate? In other words, "All concrete aggregate shall be carbonate in conformance with ASTM (Fill in the blank)".

I do not see where there is a distinction in C-33.

Paul Feather PE, SE

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