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Re: I just passed the PE Exam on the 9th try.

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I know I am not "qualified" enough to pass a comment
here, but I guess the guy deserves a pat on the back
for being honest with it. Not many of us would be
forthcoming to even say "passed PE in second attempt".
So, I think we should not be too judgemental with
sarcastic (??) comments.

Congratulations on passing the P.E.

Anantha Narayan, E.I
Bliss and Nyitray Inc., Miami

--- Joseph  Grill <jrgrill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Rajendran,
> That's the way I always understood it too.
> Joe Grill
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>   Subject: RE: I just passed the PE Exam on the 9th
> try.
>   I think this saying is misplaced: It applies to a
> project which has may players. If the project
> succeeds, each participant would claim that, but for
> him, the project would have doomed. Success in a PE
> exam is solely because of the efforts of the
> candidate. Unless, the examiner took pity on the
> candidate and deliberately set easy questions to
> facilitate the success of the candidate!
>   Rajendran 
>   "Polhemus, Bill" <BPolhemus(--nospam--at)> wrote:
>     If that's true, then why is it ALSO said, that
> "success has innumerable parents; but failure is an
> orphan."
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