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RE: Fiber Reinforced Masonry Grout

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You did not state what the type of fiber was being considered. I would NEVER use polypropylene fibers for either temperature or structural reinforcement. Steel fibers would be the only product worth considering.

Any fibers will increase water demand. Frankly, I would not consider fibers in a CMU grout. Grout will have a 10 or 11" slump and should flow well even into the CMU you are describing. Fibers have a tendency to ball even in concrete. I would not use it, but if backed into a corner, I would require a test section to work out the grout mix and placement technique.

As for getting rebar into the voids. Cut a slot in the end web of one of the cells, or order "A" block (fairly standard with most producers these days). Then run the vertical rebar continuously from the dowel and place the concrete block around the rebar. That is the standard for US Army Corps of Engineers projects that I have worked on.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Fiber Reinforced Masonry Grout
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 11:01:29 -0800

Two questions:

I have a client that has requested the use of fiber reinforced grout to
reinforce an un-reinforced hollow core masonry wall in lieu of using normal
grout and mild steel reinforcing. Has anyone used this type of grout and if
so what was your experience?

We are reinforcing an existing un-reinforced masonry concrete block wall
(not normal CMU block but somewhat similar characteristics) building and
need to get some reinforcing inside the voids and grout the reinforced cells

Does anyone have a suggestion (trick) on how to physically get mild
reinforcing bars inside the 7.5"x12" voids (yes - they are a weird size in a
weird system) prior to grouting?  This is why the fiber grout is being


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