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Re: Fiber Reinforced Masonry Grout

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On a renovation project for the military, we used a fiber-reinforced grout product called "Emaco S88 CI."  It is produced by DeGussa Bldg Systems, which used to be Sikaflex, or Master Builders.  (I think Starbucks or Coca-Cola may be in there some where as well...)  Anyway, the contractor did not have a strong opinion either way regarding the use of it.
Let me know if you want contact info for the mfr's rep (SF bay area).

David Topete, SE

Christopher Haffner <chaffner(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Two questions:

I have a client that has requested the use of fiber reinforced grout to
reinforce an un-reinforced hollow core masonry wall in lieu of using normal
grout and mild steel reinforcing. Has anyone used this type of grout and if
so what was your experience?

We are reinforcing an existing un-reinforced masonry concrete block wall
(not normal CMU block but somewhat similar characteristics) building and
need to get some reinforcing inside the voids and grout the reinforced cells

Does anyone have a suggestion (trick) on how to physically get mild
reinforcing bars inside the 7.5"x12" voids (yes - they are a weird size in a
weird system) prior to grouting? This is why the fiber grout is being


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