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Concrete plank - weld plates

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Fellow Engineers,
From what i encountered in the past, If a plank is resting on top of a steel beam, the plank is ussualy tack welded to the top flange at both end of the concrete planks.
Until recently, a plank manufacturer argue that the plank is only need to be welded at one end, in order to allow expansion and contraction of the building, which may result in the disloding of the weld plates and spalling of the plank.
I disagree with his argument, considering that concrete planks are located inside the building, where temperature is constantly regulated, thus no extreme expansion and contraction can occur.
Besides, 3" weld plates at every 48" plank section is not that rigid, If one is to argue that welding plank at both sides will create a very rigid structure, which may not perfrom too well in the seismic event. 
Would anyone please tell me what i am missing here? Thank you.

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