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State DOT research archives?

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I am a member of the TRB AFH20 Quality Assurance committee and have foolishly raised my hand in a meeting. I now find myself assigned a task of writing a TRB research statement on the need for developing a means to archive state DOT research results so that they can be made available to researchers. The idea is that state DOTs may be losing memory of and access to old research that was done in past decades. There is much fundamental research that has been done that has resulted in positions being taken that are not entirely valid. For example, did you know that the original studies on concrete air entrainment showed that air contents over about 4% were detrimental to concrete and were not recommended?

Anyway, I would like opinions on the following:

1) Are DOTs actually losing their knowledge of and access to old research?

2) Are there other programs in place to recover and maintain the data?

3) Is there a need to make this research data available?

4) Are there any DOT people on this list that might be interested in participating in writing this research statement?

Now the bad news: TRB meets the week of Jan. 22. I at least need to get a rough draft together before then. All comments are welcome.

Jay Shilstone

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