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OT: "The Eyes Of Texas..." and comments concerning the BCS and other sub-bowls

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Thank you for your honest observations!   My Badgers lost their final
two conference games and ended up in a four-way tie for third place in
the Big Ten (with Michigan, Iowa, and Northwestern).  I was planning to
drive down to San Antonio to watch the Badgers take on a Big Twelve
opponent.  When they were picked over the other three for the Citrus
Bowl (a.k.a., Capital One Bowl), I was shocked.  When I found out the
opponent was Auburn, I was dismayed.  Y'all kicked our butts not that
long ago in the Music City Bowl (or whatever).  I figured that the game
would be an Auburn rout and decided to stay home and watch it on my new
62" Mitsubishi HD/DLP TV (so good you can actually read the tattoos).
It nearly was a rout, but with my Badgers on top.  Life is good, and
last night made it even better.

Best regards,

Stan Caldwell in Dallas, Texas
Proud Texas Longhorn Parent
Proud Badger    

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other sub-bowls

I for one was initially disappointed that Auburn was matched against
Wisconsin and Penn State against Florida State because Auburn and Penn
State's season records were so much better than their opponents (Auburn
had beaten Georgia, the ultimate SEC champ and FSU hadn't even won their

In the end, my alma mater, the Tigers/War Eagles didn't even show up and
got whooped by the Badgers while the PSU vs. FSU Orange Bowl turned out
to be a good game.

Matthew Stuart 

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