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RE: "The Eyes Of Texas..."

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I have to say, the Rose Bowl was arguably one of the best football games
that I have watched.  While V.Y. played his butt off for this game, you have
to give some credit to the coaching staff.  Some say that just sat back and
let V.Y. do what he does, but let's face it, other coaches, like that of USC
were a little more suffocating for their offense.  This season's success for
USC was largely in part due to Heisman boy Reggie Bush.  Bush had what, 84
yards on the ground and 95 yards receiving on the game.  A good chunk of
those receiving yards came on the very last drive with that little shovel
pass.  Bottom line, this was hardly a performance worthy of Heisman winner.
With #21 in the backfield on that 4th and 2, everyone watching that game
knew he was going to get it.  No wonder Texas keyed and stopped.  Yeah,
they've been busting those runs all night long, but, I can guarantee you
everyone would have thought differently, regardless of the outcome, had that
ball been handed off to Bush.  Bush had a couple of key receptions, but he
was no more vocal, other than his 24 yard TD run, than anyone else in the
game.  If anything, it looked like USC was trying to raise the draft stock
on their quarterback.  For USC to win, more calls should have gone Bush's
way.  It still bothers me that he was sitting on the sidelines with that
game deciding 4th and 2.

As for Texas, in that fourth quarter, have you ever seen a team that was
having so much fun playing the game???  Especially on that last drive.  I
could only imagine in the huddle, Young drawing routs in the grass for his
receivers and saying, "If you're open, I'll hit you.  If not, I'm running,
so get ready to block."  Probably not the way it went, but if this season
ever get's made into a movie by Disney, you can bet this will be the final

Bottom line, Texas did what they did ALL SEASON long to win the game.  USC,
for some reason, abandoned their game plan and went elsewhere.  And it just
goes to show you, offense wins games, but defense wins championships.  And
for the record, the 4th and 2 decision to go for it was a smart call, and
had it worked, everyone would have been praising the coach (was it Pete
Carol?) for his genius.  While the players played the game, coaching played
a roll in it just as much, whether it be the 4th and 2, or the offensive
game plan, or what have you.  Bottom line, this was a good game.  There are
very few games being played these days that can match the excitement, hype,
and drama that this season's Rose Bowl did.

David Maynard - Fan of neither team, but rooted for Texas the whole way.

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