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RE: "The Eyes Of Texas..."

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While the final outcome was tough for me to accept, I thought it was a great game; about as good as last year’s Rose Bowl. My heart was pounding those last four minutes or so. Vince Young is absolutely amazing and has, in my opinion vindicated himself. Mack Brown is finally “over the hump”. What a great job he’s done (and not just this year).


The only thing I disagree with you about, Stan, is Reggie Bush. I’ve watched him all year long and he has been very special. I have to give credit to Texas for properly defensing him, something that no one else has been able to do. But, for one game anyway, Vince Young looked better than the two Heisman trophy winners on the field (although I’m sure Matt Leinart improved his pro stock quite a bit).


I thought the officiating was pretty poor all the way around. I’m not sure though that it had much of an effect on the final outcome.


If my beloved Trojans couldn’t win the National Championship, I’m glad at least a FL school or worse, Michigan nor ucla didn’t win it.


Now John David Booty (if he can beat out Mark Sanchez) can concentrate on his own legacy instead of trying to perpetuate one handed to him.


Just don’t get used to keeping that title in TX for very long. VY is going to leave this year or next. USC is reloading.


Fight On!


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


Consulting Structural Engineers

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Boo hoo!  The refs made bad calls on both sides.  Yes, they missed Vince's knee-on-the-ground lateral.  That cost Texas one point.  Had the call been made, Texas would undoubtedly have scored a couple of plays later and then taken their time and made the extra point.  Several minutes thereafter, the refs missed a perfectly good Texas interception as USC drove for a field goal.  All of this occurred in the first half, but the game was not decided until late in the fourth quarter so it is irrelevant.


If you want to whine, you might whine that the Heisman voters once again embarrassed themselves.  Reggie was a non-factor ... he might just as well have stayed home.


Is anyone working today?  In Texas, this is basically an undeclared holiday.




Stan Caldwell in Dallas, Texas

Proud Texas Longhorn Parent

Proud Wisconsin Badger


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It seemed like there were more calls/non-calls that were in Bevo's favor...  Good game, but SC should have made that first down...