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RE: "The Eyes Of Texas..."

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One of the primary topics on local sports-talk shows is "Why is everyone
ALL OF A SUDDEN waking up and jumping on the Vince Young bandwagon? He's
been doing this for the last two-and-a-half years!"

Before Wednesday, everyone here in Houston (Proud Home of the Number One
Pick in the this years' NFL Draft!) was saying "Reggie Bush, Reggie
Bush, if they don't pick Reggie Bush, we're returning our season

Since yesterday morning, they've been chanting the exact same
refrain...except now they substitute the name "Vince Young."

(Psst. Anybody remember Kordell Stewart?)

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I have to say that last nights game gave me a slightly warm
made me realize that Michigan is not the only foolish team to get
by Vince Young.  Of course, Michigan still finds other ways to lay eggs
manners that teams like USC will never be pathetic enough to mimic.
it was still nice to know that Michigan was not "special" in getting
torched by Young last year in the Rose Bowl.  ;-)

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