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Re: Corroded Reinforcement

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When the amount of material lost reduces the section design capacity below the design demand?

In new construction lightly rusted (no loose material) can be used w/o reduction but

 if the  rust is loose then the rebar must be cleaned up & evavluated for lost section plus if the rust is significant, the interlock of the rebar can be compromised.

don't know the ACI section offhand that covers this

are we talking about a little rust or are the deformations nearly gone as to render the rebsr smooth?  column? beam?  exterior exposure?


On 1/7/06, Johnenader(--nospam--at) < Johnenader(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am working on an old building remodeling, spalled concrete along with corroded reinforcement were found.  At what percentage of loss in the bar diameter would the bar need to be replaced.  Any help or direction were to look is greatly appreciated.