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RE: Corroded Reinforcement

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Repair of deteriorated concrete is more than a matter of evaluating the damage to the rebar.  To make a durable repair, it is essential to first determine and correct the cause of the damage and to use repair materials that are compatible with the existing materials.  Concrete International January 2004 [volume 26 No.1, published by ACI] has an article with a discussion of issues that need to be considered.  The article is excellent for providing enlightenment about what repair of damaged concrete entails.  However, it offers little guidance.


Sika [800-294-6567,] has a product line for repair and protection of deteriorated concrete, and a brochure with a flowchart and an overview of procedures for condition survey, diagnosis of cause of damage, and selection of appropriate Sika products. Sika also has a service to assist with preparation of repair specifications.  If you have not designed concrete repairs, you would probably be wise to not try to go at it without experienced guidance.


List subscriber Gail Kelly can probably offer some valuable guidance or references.


Nels Roselund, SE

South San Gabriel, CA


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I am working on an old building remodeling, spalled concrete along with corroded reinforcement were found.  At what percentage of loss in the bar diameter would the bar need to be replaced.  Any help or direction were to look is greatly appreciated.