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Composite Decking panels

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A junior colleague who began his career working with
me 10 years ago sent me the following mail which is
self explanatory.
I am totally pre-occupied running a steel detailing
set up for the past 5 years.
I am now out of touch with the subject on which he is
asking for information.

Can any one please help with some information.
I have reproduced his mail below this mail.

I am encouraging him to join the list and have told
him how to join.
Happy New Year to all.
G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India.

Hello Sir,

How are u? I am happy to inform that after around 21/2
yrs experience in Sudan, I have shifted Back to Tiger
Steel in Sharjah very recently. I have joined here as
Technical Manager. One of my tasks is to develop new
products/profiles, testing and certification of

We have the deck panel TR75/300 ? 900 mm covered
width. We have been using this profile as deck panel
in the form of permanent shuttering due to non
availability of design data to be used as Composite
Decking Panel. i.e. eliminating tensile reinforcement
completely. Would u please help me highlighting the
method to be used in this calculation? Also please
give me some reference books details/ web sites on
composite decking panels. One of the major steps is to
calculate the sectional/ inertia properties of the
composite section considering effective widths of
compression flange/ webs. Are there any ready software
available in the market which calculates such
properties on giving details of different profiles by
means of drgs?. Also is there any way we can calculate
fire resistance of such slabs theoretically?

Thanks and regards,

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