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RE: Florida Building Code - Additions to Existing Bldgs

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Here is a link to all of the florida codes online
Paul J. Sullivan
Hatfield, PA
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Sight-unseen, I?m pretty sure the ?Florida Existing Building Code? is derived from the ?International Existing Building Code,? which is a new critter first published in its 2003 edition (of which I have a copy). I can assure you that the IEBC goes into greater detail than the sentence you quote from the 2003 FBC.

If you can be more specific (either here or by private email) I can probably narrow it down and ?quote? you the relevant passages. If the FEBC is ?marked-up? from the IEBC, they will likely have the changed portions shown somewhere online?at least, that?s the way many jurisdictions including the city of Houston do it.

Let me know if I can help further.

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Subject: Florida Building Code - Additions to Existing Bldgs

Situation:  Existing industrial use building in Florida to be expanded by 50%.  No firewall separation between existing and the addition.

As of the 2003 edition, section 3401. of the Florida Building Code included an exception reading:

Existing buildings shall not be required to be upgraded to the structural requirements of the code in effect on the date of application of the permit for the addition.

The 2004 edition of the Florida Building Code has eliminated the section on Existing Buildings and instead refers to the Florida Existing Building Code.  Can anyone tell me if the language of the 2004 Florida Existing Building Code is similar to the section I quoted from the 2003 Florida Building Code.


David Finley

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