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Re: Wind Exposure

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Unless it has been amended since the 98 CBC, the CBC, under 1616, allows Exposure B.  The only restriction is in Section 1619 for "OSHPD 2" work Exposure C must be used "unless the architect or structural engineer in general responsible charge can justify to the enforcement agency that the building site and surrounding terrain conform to criteria for Exposure B."  I don't have my section 16A readily available so I don't know what restrictions DSA places on Exposure.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: RE: Wind Exposure

That's pretty fascinating.
So, no use of "Exposure B" even smack downtown in LA, huh?

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The State of California B/C does not allow the use of Exposure B under any conditions. You can use C or D however. If you're not in CA check with your B/D.