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RE: Glu-Lam "Bents" --> Church Sanctuary

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The general term is 3 hinged arch which is then divided into 4 subcategories: gothic, tudor, A-frame, and three-centered (parabolic or radial).

Take a look at the American Wood Council web site at

The APA and the AITC have been struggleing to see who controls glulams for quite a while. I don't know who is winning. Searching their web sites will turn up many publications. Alot of them are free.

By the way. Congrats on getting on with WJE. In my dealings with them, they have generally shown themselves to be a good outfit.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Glu-Lam "Bents" --> Church Sanctuary
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 10:28:41 -0600

As long as I can remember I have seen these typically two-piece
glue-laminated timber "bents" used to support church sanctuary roofs.
They typically provide the lateral resistance component for the building
as well.

Is there some sort of industry-standard name for this kind of structural
element, or type of construction?

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