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Shear Wall design in ETABS

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I have a question pertaining to the design of box/U
shaped shear walls in ETABS. The U shaped shear wall
was created as 3 planar walls connected at the
intersecting nodes. However, since they behave
monolithically, should they be defined as 1 single
pier which would result in a moments about the CG of
this section, or can they be defined as 3 individual

Defining them as 3 individual piers would mean that
the the wall does not take any moment about its weak
axis and for a U shaped wall, oriented in an
alphabetical U direction,  2 walls would engage all
the moment for a load in the N-S direction and 1 wall
would engage all the moment in the E-W direction. And
then these walls can be designed as individual piers
using a Simplified tension-compression method,
confining the reinforcement to the corners. Is this an
acceptable way to design a U shaped wall or should
they never be broken into 3 planar walls?

Also, I think the reinforcement from doing the above
would be a little more than defining the wall as a
single pier.

Please give me your suggestions.


  Structural Engineer
  Bliss and Nyitray Inc.
  Miami, FL - 33134

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