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RE: Bolt force in round column

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T = P/A + MC/I.  You can use that to find the forces in every bolt.
If you are looking for the maximum tension or compression, then it simplifies to
Bolt_Group_Inertia = (Number of Bolts /  8) x (Bolt_Circle_Diameter)^2
Section_Modulus = (Bolt_Group_Inertia) / (Bolt_Circle_Diameter / 2)
Bolt_Force = (Moment / Section_Modulus) + (Axial Load / Number of Bolts)      Use correct signs for loads.
I forget the minimum number of bolts for which this is applicable ( 4? ), but from your description, it should be applicable.
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Subject: Bolt force in round column

I have a large diameter round column with bolts at about 6 inches on center around the perimeter of the base.  I know the axial load and the bending moment.  The bending moment is large.  The virtual eccentricity is larger than the column diameter so I know I have tension in some of the bolts.  Can someone direct me to a reference, or give me a formula, to calculate the maximum tension in the individual bolts?