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RE: The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day (with apologies to Bill O'Reilly)

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Thanks, Scott.

Unfortunately your argument won't help me.

First of all, he won't buy the fact that this element is a beam, not a
column. He says it's sticking out of the ground 2'-6" and "looks like a
column, so it must be a column". He said if the element terminated flush
with the ground or paving, he wouldn't have this requirement. Needless to
say, I wasn't impressed with his logic.

Secondly, 0.75Rho-b won't help. To make things simpler (for this simple
mind, anyway), if the section was 21" square instead of 24" round
(equivalent area), then 0.75Rho-b is 1.3%.

My next tactic: I'm going over his head. I'll report back with my results.


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.
Consulting Structural Engineers

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I don't think that the code provisions that Sharon pointed out would
really apply as they are intended for R/C moment frames under seismic
loads.  While your situation is certainly gonna be under seismic loads, I
am not sure that it should be classified as a "frame".

As to the code section the plan checker is referencing, I agree that I
doubt s/he really meant 1910.16.8.6.  S/he probably really meant 1910.9.1,
which would land you in the same spot (i.e. minimum steel of 1%).

Your best arguement comes from section 1910.3.3.  It basically states that
for flexural members, if the design axial load strength (phi*Pu) is
smaller than 0.10*f'c*Ag or phi*Pb, then the ratio of reinforcement shall
not exceed 0.75 of the ratio phob (balanced reinforcment ratio) that would
produce balanced strain conditions for the sections under flexure without
the axial load.  I think that is what you might be looking for...


Adrian, MI


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