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RE: The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day (with apologies to Bill O'Reilly)

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The orientation of the member does not make it a column - the type and
magnitude of the applied loads determine whether it should be designed
as a column.  

Ask him if a horizontal strut taking significant axial compressive load
needs to be designed as a column or not - if it is horizontal, it must
not be a column per his argument!  

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> Thanks, Scott.
> Unfortunately your argument won't help me.
> First of all, he won't buy the fact that this element is a 
> beam, not a column. He says it's sticking out of the ground 
> 2'-6" and "looks like a column, so it must be a column". He 
> said if the element terminated flush with the ground or 
> paving, he wouldn't have this requirement. Needless to say, I 
> wasn't impressed with his logic.
> Secondly, 0.75Rho-b won't help. To make things simpler (for 
> this simple mind, anyway), if the section was 21" square 
> instead of 24" round (equivalent area), then 0.75Rho-b is 1.3%.
> My next tactic: I'm going over his head. I'll report back 
> with my results.
> Regards,
> T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.
> Consulting Structural Engineers

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