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Re: AWS D1.1 v. ASME IX - WPS and PQR

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Yeah, another great advice...
I once tried that way to find ASTMs, and searched all libraries in the Greater LA area.  A library 45 miles away had one set dated 1971.  The local university had a set which was only a couple years fresher.  These antiquities were for use only inside the library.
So, I gave up the idea, bit the bullet and bought one for my private use... 
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 8:35 AM
Subject: RE: AWS D1.1 v. ASME IX - WPS and PQR

Kevin - so your local book store or library branch has the ASME code on
its shelves? 

William C. Sherman, PE
(Bill Sherman)
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> Subject: RE: AWS D1.1 v. ASME IX - WPS and PQR
> Go to any Book store or Library and review the book...
> >(no time or budget for that!)
> Make Time!!
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> Subject: AWS D1.1 v. ASME IX - WPS and PQR
> Our design drawings require conformance to AWS D1.1 and
> submittal of WPS, PQR, welder and inspector qualifications, etc.
> The (Canadian) contractor has submitted a WPS and
> corresponding PQR that are based on ASME IX. I am not
> familiar with pressure vessel and piping codes.
> Since the WPS indicates that the qualified thickness range is
> 1/16" to 0.672", and the steel plate to be welded is 1"
> thick, I don't have any problem rejecting the submittal.
> However, if the next submittal is also based on ASME IX, I
> wonder how to evaluate it. Reject it outright?
> Buy ASME IX and meticulously compare it to AWS D1.1 (no time
> or budget for that!)? Ask the contractor to compare the steel
> grades, other variables, and test performance requirements of
> the two codes for me? What would you do? Any suggestions?
> Thanks!

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