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Dapped Bearing - Prestressed Double Tee

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I have a prestressed Double Tee with dapped-end bearings designed per PCI 4.6.3.

The architect has asked us to evaluate the member for increased loading due to proposed planters and concrete cast-in-place curb. The DT is in a courtyard area of a mixed-use building.

The dapped bearing connection works for the additional load with the exception of one component - the hanger steel, Ash, as calc'd per PCI I have a shear demand Vu of 79 kips, which requires Ash = 1.55 sq in. I only have 1.40 sq in of steel at that location.

Is there any validity to considering the concrete shear capacity, Vc, at this location? The hanger steel, Ash is required to resist the vertical shear across crack 3 in PCI figure If I could use just 2 x root (f'c) x the reduced member height, for concrete contribution, I could get this to work.

Glen A. Underwood, S.E.

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