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Re: Any Opinions? - Eng-Tips Forum

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organizes subject material which allows you to focus only on your interests.
It is a useful tool for searches of specific subjects...a wealth of information
is available.
Threads (specific subjects) can be marked for instant email notification thereby
weeding out Off-Topic nonsense.
Member deletion should only occur with unacceptable useage like private
email-requests or advertising but
You can contact agreeable members directly by clicking their handle.
The purpose of the forum though is for all members to see dialog and benefit
from it.

is more instant with new questions because a lot of users monitor their eMail
I find myself developing corpul-finger-syndrome clicking delete on many emails
daily though.
You can add a filter to Delete (trash) all responses from a specific member
whoose opinion you don't respect.
If you Post, the non-handle disclosure of your email address subjects you to
SPAMers that mine the server.
Some responses are difficult to read because responses may be at the end,
begining, or in the query itself.

If you have an interest in starting a new forum, consider just adding a new
discussion group to Eng-Tips.
You could call it "ROOKIE QUESTIONS for Seasoned Engineers"
Rookie group title should discourage any ridicule posting which I've seen on
both of the above sites.
I think you'll find seasoned engineers joining in the discussion.
You can promote your forum with a link specific to just your group.

In my opinion,
Eng-Tips is a better forum once you spend the time (discover) how to use it.
SEAint is good for quick response like, "Chart 5-24 of my IBC-2000 is missing,
can somebody tell me what it is?".
Ideally, Eng-tips would add an option to flag a group for immediate email
notifications, that way it could respond
instantly like SEAint, but would organize responses in a more useful,
researchable format.

Other forums I've found not near as useful include: Code Talk

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