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RE: Ever Wished You Worked in Hawaii

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If you are REALLY interested in working Hawaii, Maui had a posting for a
"city civil engineer" a little while ago.  I don't know if there are still
looking but you could check.  But, Eric is prepared living
"poor" as the cost of living is just a tad on the high side.

And no, I was not really interested in the job but was curious...I like
much too much the nice cold, dreary weather of Michigan.  I love four
seasons, so I don't plan on moving any place too sunny and cheerful any
time soon.  :-)

Adrian, MI

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Eric Ober wrote:

> It's beautiful (like my dream San Diego)..then I look at the grocery
> store prices..then I look at real estate all starts to fade
> away...but I wish I'd gone to school there at least.
> Eric R. Ober, PE, SE
> Associate
> Holbert Apple Associates
> Olney, Maryland
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> It's a warm day in the D.C. area and it makes me think sometimes I wish
> I worked in Hawaii (and could take long lunches).  Just a thought

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