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RE: FOS for von-Mises stress criteria

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Per the AISC Design Guide #9, Torsional Analysis of Steel Members, the interaction equation to include torsional stresses uses 0.6Fy as the allowable for axial stresses due to torsion.  FWIW, it also uses 0.6Fy for stresses due to minor axis bending.
Warren Foy
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Subject: RE: FOS for von-Mises stress criteria

      The short answer is I have always used .75 Fy as long as the membrane forces Nx and Ny are small.  If Nx or Ny produce stress large then 5 or 10 ksi for steel I look at stability issues.  I base this on weak axis bending of plates (F2.1) per the ninth edition of AISC manual.
Acie Chance
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Subject: FOS for von-Mises stress criteria

hi all,
can anyone suggest what factor of safety (for structural steel) should be used when the checking criteria is von-Mises stress ?

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