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Re: bolt force, round column.

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Reference ASCE Petrochemical Energy Committee, Design of Anchor Bolts in Petrochemical Facilities. Vessel Anchor Bolts.

Tension = ((4 x M) / (N x BC))  - W/N
M = Masimum moment on vessel, Kip-in
N = Number of anchor bolts
BC = Bolt circle diameter, in
W = Weight of vessel, kips

Harold Sprague

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I have a large diameter round column with bolts at about 6 inches on center
around the perimeter of the base.  I know the axial load and the bending
moment.  The bending moment is large.  The virtual eccentricity is larger
than the column diameter so I know I have tension in some of the bolts. Can
someone direct me to a reference, or give me a formula, to calculate the
maximum tension in the individual bolts?

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