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RE: Large pipe column

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If you’re willing to dive into the LRFD specification, there is a section where you can calculate the allowable stresses, uh, excuse me, nominal moment capacity, based D/t ratios. You’ll probably go into the compact section realm and have stress, uh, load capacity, reduction factors.


As you can tell, I’m still a “psi” guy.


Good luck.


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


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Subject: Large pipe column


Is there a separate standard for the design of large round pipe columns for billboard signs?  Would the AISC code apply to an 8ft. diameter column?  Or does the design standards need to be different for that size section since the thickness of the wall would be rather thin compared to the diameter?  I’m wondering about both compression and bending forces.


Has this been discussed before on the List?  I tried an archive search but came up empty.  If so, about what date should I look?