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RE: Simplified Concrete Paving 101

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Rich, we have used 6" conc pavement with 6X6X6/6 wwf over 8" base with good results for semi's at a loading dock.

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Subject: Simplified Concrete Paving 101
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:31:47 -0600

I have resisted as much as possible doing any paving design.  I don't like
civil site work.  I stick with structures only.  I have come into a
circumstance where I must specify some paving and I don't have any good
references.  Are there good references that describe concrete paving in
simple terms?  I don't have to do an active road design, more like parking
lot type traffic, real slow.  I have heavy tank trucks using the road, not
constantly, maybe several times a day.  The section of the road I have to
design is 28 feet wide and about 150 feet long.  I'm thinking the subgrade
is probably going to be existing site soils, no significant prep, base
course, etc.  I may have crush stone base under it since the real road
beyond my limits is a gravel road.

I have an old civil engineers handbook. It has a 1 page section on concrete
paving.  It doesn't really discuss design much at all.  Are there any
references that illustrate concrete paving design by a few cookie cutter
equations?  Any good websites with references?

I downloaded the NAVFAC PCASE program. It is a bit overkill for me. Toying
with the program I came up with a 6.5" slab.  I'm not sure if I used it
right.  I'm thinking an 8 inch slab with nominal reinforcing, say #4 @ 16"
o.c. top bars with one joint splitting the 28 ft. width and probably 7-8
joints on the length.  Does that sound reasonable for tank truck traffic
from someone with paving experience?  My gut says it's fine, but I don't
like putting a design on my drawings that I can't justify with calculations
of some kind.

Thanks for any help.


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