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Re: fURTHER on equivalent stress

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On Jan 16, 2006, at 12:44 AM, ASC wrote:

If you admit the idea is to present the multiaxial stressing in terms
of uniaxial one, that could be caled converting, unless there is a better term.
Point taken. I should probably learn to deal with my obsession to point out that the equivalent stress isn't something you measure directly, but in a fact a sort of mathematical artifice with heavy practical application. I've run into a lot of newbies whose understanding of VM equivalent stress extends no further than colored regions on a stress contour plot.
Huber-Mises formulas are about yielding,
although engineers often extrapolate them to failure.
Again, point taken. It's basically a flow law, and useful to correlate fatigue under multi-axial stress when cracks form by accumulation of plastic strain. And it's used in non-linear FEA work to define areas where plastic flow starts to take over and plastic hinges originate.

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