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Re: Define walls as thick plate

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I asume you are asking about thin vs think wall cylinders?  If so................

The cutoff for thick vs thin wall modelling that I was taught is   thin wall  R / t  > 10

check out this link

wrt "wall behavior";  the wall behaves as it will, the only difference is how we model it

The thin wall assumption allows the use of simplier model that gives pretty good results for R / t > 10.and higher

Go below R / t = 10 and the model gives a less accurate picture of the true stress state.


On 1/17/06, Amir Gomma <ec_cai_amir(--nospam--at)> wrote:
My question is what is the limit for wall thickness to can consider the wall as thin or thick plate.and what is the effect of this definition on the wall behavior. i know this effect on the plate bending element .it will transmit the load as a very rigid element ( tension in one side and compression in another side ). but i think that is not valid for walls .so i need information about this subject
thanks for all

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