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Post Construction Issue

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OK, I just ran into this guy, and have now found some time to devote to it.
I started working at a new company back toward the end of October of '05.
Upon starting my new job, the path to and from the work site took me past
one of my more recent design projects through my old employer.  Being
curious to see how things turned out, I stopped in and literally took a look
around.  That's when I saw it.

In a portion of the building, the X-bracing was exposed, as it was part of
the design.  Anyhow, there is the area where the X's crossed.  I recall
doing this design and I specifically made these X-braces utilizing single
angles so they could be set back to back so that when they intersected, they
wouldn't need a splice plate.  As I looked at this portion of the building,
I noticed that the X's were not installed like this and there it was, the
splice plate, for a single angle that could have easily fit the other way
hand the horizontal leg been pointed in the opposite direction.  I normally
wouldn't have a problem with this, however, I believe the splice plate is
under-designed.  The angles, I believe, are L3.5X3.5X3/8 with four (4) 3/4"
diameter bolts as end connections (don't quote me on this one).  Anyhow, the
splice plate is either 4 or 4.5 inches wide and 3/8" thick.  

Finally, we were signed on to do the member design and layout and the
details were to be by the fabricator.  It was not part of our scope of work
to review shop drawings, however, we did review the first issue of them,
which were grossly incomplete and did not resemble the latest design
revisions.  The above detail was NOT on the shop drawings.  All details that
were there that did not require clarification or redesign were verified and
several connections that were not present on the shop drawings were
discussed over the phone.  This review, to my knowledge, we were compensated
for.  We, my former employer's company, did not participate in subsequent
shop drawing review and several months later, the building was erected in
its entirety with, I'm sure, the contractor approving all fabricator

Now, upon noticing the, in my initial thoughts, an unacceptable tension
connection, I contacted my previous employer as the it was his company that
the design was done under, however, it was my PE stamp and signature on the
design drawings (drawings that had minimal if any connection details).  I
informed him of my observations and informed him that it might be beneficial
for him to check this out for himself and if he needed me for anything
concerning this matter to let me know.  This was back in October.  Last
week, I ran into my old boss and brought up the subject again to him.  He
said he had read the e-mail, however, he has yet to take a look at the

My question now is this.  Is there more that I should do???  Am I
susceptible to any ramifications due to this detail's performance, or lack
thereof?  Should I do anymore leg work with reference to this?

David Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming

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