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RE: Dynamic Analysis Sofware

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On 19 Jan 2006 at 8:12, Polhemus, Bill wrote:

> I admit that I went with VA because it was significantly less
> expensive than RISA-3D, but with 3D capabilities.
> Since then, they have added a boat-load of capabilities, and yet have
> stayed at approximately the same price-point.
> I believe that VA "does" Canadian codes.
Yes, it does
> Does the $1,800 include the Design module? If so, I would think that
> would be a no-brainer. Oh, and I assume that $1,800 is CANADIAN, so
> that might be for VA only.

I don't think it includes design module but I will check
Price is US$1800.
> In the end, though, I think you really need a well-established package
> for doing the sort of analysis you're contemplating.
That is my problem.  I don't know what is well established, or what 
is suitable for my usage-being a (sloe - sub-conscious at work) sole 
practitioner, I have heard all these big names 
(SAP,Strudl,Risa,Staad,Robot,Multi Frame, etc), but they mean very 
little to me.
P.S.  RISA marketing is quick.  They picked up on my e-mail and sent 
me a program description and a quote. 
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> Sent: Thu 1/19/2006 7:35 AM
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> Subject: RE: Dynamic Analysis Sofware
> I already contacted IES about Visual Analysis and it looks
> good- about $1800.  A company that does bigger stuff than
> me uses RISA 3D but it is about another $1000.

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