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RE: Structural Engineering Hall of Fame

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I agree with Popov for sure.


Also, William LeMessier (sp)for the first tuned mass damper building (Citicorp in NYC) and also having the balls to step up and order a fix of an unapproved “Contractor’s Option” that was not run by him requiring the covert retrofit of the main exterior braces …


Also, maybe the Egyptian, greek, and roman (invented concrete) builders who built the worlds first large structures.


Or the Irish …. Yes, I said the Irish…. The world’s oldest “building” is Newgrange which pre-dates the pyramids by 500 years …. Although surely less glamorous unless you’re there on December 21st…. but I enjoyed my visit J



An Irish guy

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Here are a few people I greatly admire:


Egor Popov:                Eccentric Braced Frame

Subhash Goel:             Special concentric Braced Frame, Special Moment Truss

Michael Engelhardt:   For recognizing the inherent deficiencies of the Pre Northridge Moment connections and extensive research subsequent to that

S.K. Ghosh:                The all around concrete and building code guru

Farzad Naeim:             “Seismic Design Handbook” and extensive analytical research



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