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Re: stainless steel tie rod bracing

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I have experienced galling w/ bare SS nuts & bolts use w/o anti-seize compounds, was too lazy to look for it & out it on.  :(

I have seldom use SS components w/ non-SS components but when I have done so; no galling

The typical "fix" in aerospace is for nuts to have baked dry lube finish or SS nuts can be silver plated

We commonly used MS21043; a SS deformed hex lock nuts, silver plated. 
NEVER had a galling problem with these on any type fastener

Bare aluminim & SS in any combo should get some sort of anti-seize lube to prevent nasty headaches.  :)


On 1/20/06, Mike Jones <mjones(--nospam--at)> wrote:
FWIW,  I've always used anti-seize compound when installing sparkplugs
into an aluminum head.  Similar application, carbon steel into a
material that forms an oxide coating.


Shade tree mechanic extraordinaire

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> Does anyone know if galling can occur when connecting a
> carbon steel rod with a stainless end fitting?  Could enough
> oxide shavings accumulate from the stainless fitting alone to
> cause problems?
> Thanks,
> David Dickey, PE
> Lexington, KY

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