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Re: Holes through basement walls.

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You could try forming the holes so that there is a revit in the hole walls.  Also, rebar as you suggested makes sense.  The revit will act as a shear key.  Use expanding grout to ensure hole is "full".  I would also recommend roughening the surface of the hole left.

Thor Tandy P.Eng MIStructE
Victoria, BC
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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 10:58 PM
Subject: Holes through basement walls.

I have a contractor who instead of using soldier piles use wood vertical walls with diagonal wood bracings to support the adjacent property. These wood bracings pass through the basement walls  and are spaced at 8 ft O.C.  When the basement walls are poured with concrete the wood bracings will create 6"x8" holes.  I didn't like the idea of using the wood bracings in order to avoid those holes but I don't have any choice so I just advised them to apply the details around the opening similar to the one used for slab opening providing diagonal rebars to each corner to control cracks. The holes will be filled with grout with the same strength as that of the concrete basement walls. The basement walls will be waterproofed as usual with drainage at the bottom to avoid water build up against the wall.
I will appreciate anyone to point out what I missed in regards to the holes created by the wood bracings.
Thanks in advance.
A S Quilala Jr., P.E.