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Von Mises Allowable Stress

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    I would like to bring back to life a dead horse.  Last week we talked about Von Mises stresses.  When plates (solid rectangular sections) are bent about there weak, the allowable stress is Fb = 0.75Fy.  This is from Section F2.1 of the ninth edition of the AISC manual.  Von Mises stress with P3 equal to zero would be the plate bending stress about two axis provided the membrane stress is low.  As Von Mises stress is a method of equating stress in multiple directions to a uniaxial yield stress, section F2.1 would seam appropriate.  In addition if the plate is very long in relation to the supported length P2 would approach 0 and the Von Mises stress would be equal to P1 which is the bending stress.  Besides being careful can anyone explain what is wrong with the above arguments for using 0.75Fy as the allowable stress.    

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