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Re: PCA Column by pacstrructurepoint / any other alternatives

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Oh, PCAStructurepoint Support has provide another means to verify my license of using pcaColumn by checking with my communication card. 
It has been working for me since November.
According with them, my problem with the computer is rather unique.

On 10/31/05, PCAStructurepoint Support <support(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Dear Sam,
This error message indicates that the standalone license code is not valid for the computer where the license code is applied. The license code is locked to the hard drive of your computer. Due to the weekly scanning and cleaning of Windows registry implemented by your network, the hard drive ID may be changed. Thus, the license code associated to the hard drive ID became invalid.
We have sent you a new license code that is locked to the network card in your computer. The license code is always valid unless the network card is replaced.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
Technical Support
Phone 1-847-966-4357
Fax 1-847-581-0644

From: Szuchuan Chang [mailto:szuchuan(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 6:49 PM
To: SEAOC; PCAStructurepoint Support; Sam Chang
Subject: PCA Column by pacstrructurepoint / any other alternatives

For almost one year I had nothing but problems with this program which we paid $950 for just the column part of the analysis.
My main problem with them is their licences protection method.  The license code that is embedded in my computer get switched around every week or so.  I have to call in to their Chicago office to obtain a new license.  Then I have to un-install my existing one to reinstall the new one. The processes usually waste half of my day. 
SentinelLM:Error[6]:Feature "pcaColumn ver 3.50" is client locked. It is not licensed to run on this machine.
SentinelLM:Error[0xC8001001]:Bad Handle
I pleaded with them that if they can't have this problem solved, at least give me a hard key such as STAAD which is now their new license protection device. 
They got the nerve to ask me to pay for an new program.
I want to find out the "c" for the shear walls per ACI Eq. 21-8 to see if the compression zones shall meet the special boundary requirement. Here I am stuck with getting the tool to work.
Any suggestions?  Another software?  Am I the only one that have this problem?
Sam Chang