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RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

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Isn’t the 2006 IBC going to reference the 13th edition of the steel manual only, thereby forcing out 9th edition.  I may be wrong, but that is our understanding, so our office is updating all our steel MathCAD sheets to the 13th edition.



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I think it took about 30 years to change from working stress in concrete to strength design, so it will take just as long for LRFD in steel.. LRFD has been around for about 15 years or so in the design community, so probably another 15 years or so and everyone will be using just LRFD.


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Here's the question that I want to see answered...and mark my words, it
will probably be asked before a year has gone by:

"How many engineers here--regardless of age--took one look at the new
Thirteenth Edition AISC Manual of Steel Construction, put it up on their
bookshelves and went right back to the Ninth Edition?"

(N.B. It's gonna take forty years traveling in the wilderness, like
Moses and the children of Israel, before the last vestiges of the ASD
Idolatry are snuffed out).