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RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

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Which is why I made the personal decision to "convert" a few years back.
It makes no sense to short yourself by refusing to update your
knowledge, just so you won't have to deal with "icky load and resistance
factors"...especially when you're essentially doing the same things on
the load side with concrete anyway!

People who begin to make the switch from 9th Ed. to the 13th are going
to find that the "factor thing" is a heck of a lot less of an issue than
all the other "new things" they're going to have to learn!

Again, I continue to fail to see what the "big deal" is about LRFD. I
didn't known a dang thing about structural steel design before my Junior
year in college, and somehow I managed to go from "zero to sixty" in one

In comparison, going from ASD to LRFD back a few years ago was like
going from sixty to sixty-five.

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It's just that people looking at the 9th Edition (or 8th, or 7th, ...)
didn't have the benefit of seeing the new things.

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