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RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

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Those who design bridges using the “Load and Resistance Factor Design” standard of AASHTO, DO have that luxury.


(N.B. this argument about “how much easier ASD is because you do service checks” is now complete bunk. You WILL do limit-state checks, my friend, and you will do them with a nice array of load cases).


From: Wesley Werner [mailto:wwerner(--nospam--at)]

    Since the 13th edition of the steel manual uses both a form of ASD and LRFD, I expect ASD will remain for longer than 15 years. Especially since serviceability checks are done with service loads. This makes steel design much simpler using ASD. I wish ACI was set up the way the new steel manual is.  Then I could use ASD for steel design, footing design, and soil bearing checks.