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RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

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Technically, do not reference the steel manuals.  Only a small
part of the manual is "code".

In terms of intent, your are correct.  It is my understanding that the
2006 IBC will adopt by reference the 2005 ASD/LRFD AISC spec.  It so
happens that AISC does print the 2005 spec in the 13th edition manual, but
you can also get the spec for free from their website in PDF form.

FWIW, the "current" IBC code (2003) does not adopt by reference the 9th
edition manual but rather the 1989 ASD specification (and the 1999 LRFD
specification for those who like the LRFD "flavor"), which is printed in
the 9th edition manual - aka "Green Book" (but is also available from the
AISC website for free).  I will note that actually the 2003 IBC adopts by
reference the 1989 AISC ASD spec INCLUDING the 2001 Supplement No. 1...and
the 2001 Supplement No. 1 does NOT appear anywhere in the 9th edition
manual (unless AISC has done a new printing with it included).

But your point is valid...the 2006 IBC (and future model building codes)
will no longer adopt by reference the "old" ASD steel spec (1989 ASD
spec).  And, as such, many will be "forced" to use it in the relatively
near future (although Bill P. likely won't be "forced" as he lives in the
"Wild West" of untamed Houston where according to his past comments code
enforcement is "sketchy" at best most of the time).


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Jason Christensen wrote:

> Isn't the 2006 IBC going to reference the 13th edition of the steel manual
> only, thereby forcing out 9th edition.  I may be wrong, but that is our
> understanding, so our office is updating all our steel MathCAD sheets to the
> 13th edition.
> Jason
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> Bill,
> I think it took about 30 years to change from working stress in concrete to
> strength design, so it will take just as long for LRFD in steel.. LRFD has
> been around for about 15 years or so in the design community, so probably
> another 15 years or so and everyone will be using just LRFD.
> Mike Cochran S.E. SECB
> In a message dated 1/24/2006 10:33:07 AM Pacific Standard Time,
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> Here's the question that I want to see answered...and mark my words, it
> will probably be asked before a year has gone by:
> "How many engineers here--regardless of age--took one look at the new
> Thirteenth Edition AISC Manual of Steel Construction, put it up on their
> bookshelves and went right back to the Ninth Edition?"
> (N.B. It's gonna take forty years traveling in the wilderness, like
> Moses and the children of Israel, before the last vestiges of the ASD
> Idolatry are snuffed out).

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