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We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER [WAS: Any Young Engineers Out There?]

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From: Scott Maxwell [mailto:smaxwell(--nospam--at)] 

Now, the situation will be different in steel.  ASD is _NOT_ being
eliminated or even reduced to a bastard, step child.  AISC tried to do
that (so to speak) and lost the battle.  They have "surrendered" and ASD
will live (and does live in 2005 spec).
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With respect, I believe this is misleading.

I believe that people are in for a rude awakening if they think that
their old, familiar ASD method is still in place in the 13th Edition.
And to the extent they begin to realize what lies in store, we're in for
some major bellyaching from people who don't want to change what they're
doing--the same people who forced their young colleagues and new
employees into "relearning" steel design when they got out into the
world of work.

Here's a simple exercise. Go to: [Points to the
PDF version of the new design specification]. Check out "TABLE User Note
F1.1" found on page 45 of the new code. Take a long look. Study it.

You're going to have to incorporate this new knowledge regarding "limit
states" for various section geometries and bending cases, and you're
going to have to CHECK these limit states--EVEN IF YOU'RE USING ASD.

What many practicing engineers who've refused to even consider updating
their knowledge-set fail to understand about the LRFD standards
published since 1986 is that they are about a h*ll of a lot more than
"equations that look different." They chronicle an evolving theory of
steel design based upon ongoing research and a whole lotta committee

These practicing engineers have chosen to IGNORE this evolution, and now
reality's about to bite 'em in the glutes.

The reason I wanted to go to LRFD years back is, I realized all this
stuff was going on, and the longer I put off learning about it the more
antiquated my knowledge was going to be.

Sort of like the two "retirees" I heard in conversation a few years
back, talking about calculating "bond stress" in rebar to check
development length. Their conversation was irrelevant because it had
nothing to do with current practice!

One of the things that annoys me about my structural engineer community
is, we want the respect as a "learned profession," but too many of us
don't want to make the effort to stay "learned!"


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