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RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

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Title: RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

>Joe  Venuti  wrote:
>SOooooooooooo ASCE would discontinue ASD
>in steel not AISC......pass  the buck.

You're probably more likely to see ACI 318 add ASD than to see ASCE 7 delete ASD. Hmmm ...

Step 1: forget tired old arguments that there needs to be any difference between LRFD and ASD.

Step 2: rewrite the specification, in all cases using the better provision from what is in both to determine nominal strength; use equations that can be seen in stress form and in strength form so that any user gets their preferred way

Step 3: determine appropriate phi factor for each provision

Step 4: add omega factors equal to 1.5/phi throughout

Step 5: multiply by phi if using LRFD load combinations; divide by omega if using ASD load combinations

Well, I guess there was a lot more work involved than that. But I still wonder if ASD concrete design might not be as simple as using the current ACI 318 with Omegas equal to 1.5 divided by the capacity reduction factor.

As a former ACI staffer, Scott Maxwell must be very amused by my forray into reinforced concrete code writing.