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Re: New LFRD/ASD Steel Code (Was: Any Young Engineers Out There?)

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Code changes are basically a hard cost.  We typically have upgraded certain basic items for the new codes regardless, and the cost is just cost of doing business.  Other types of specialized spreadsheets and such get put off until we need them or find time (you know how often that is).  As new codes come out you just accept the pain and move on as efficiently as possible.  It is the same with buying the books or any other "tool of the trade".
Code change costs are not that great compared to annual software costs, at least they spread it out a bit more. :-)
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Subject: RE: New LFRD/ASD Steel Code (Was: Any Young Engineers Out There?)

I'm curious - how do various engineering firms cover the cost of updating MathCad and Excel spreadsheets for new code equations?  Do you have an overhead account for this work or do you just do the updates as projects require usage?  It takes some time to do such updates, but doing such work seems to strain budgets and time commitments.  
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Subject: RE: Any Young Engineers Out There?

Isn?t the 2006 IBC going to reference the 13th edition of the steel manual only, thereby forcing out 9th edition.  I may be wrong, but that is our understanding, so our office is updating all our steel MathCAD sheets to the 13th edition.