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RE: We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER [WAS: Any Young Engineers Out There?]

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When folks say "I'm sticking with ASD, I don't see the need to switch,"
what they REALLY mean is "the 9th Edition MSC spec is simpler to use,
there aren't so many checks to do, and I've memorized the formulas."

I slowly came to realize that all the bellyaching about "load and
resistance factors" was just smokescreen. The same people who b*tched
about that were doing "strength design" of concrete without a care in
the world.

The new spec--ASD or LRFD--is going to force a LOT of folks to learn the
definition of "paradigm shift." UNLESS they decide "hey, I STILL like
the 9th Edition, and I'm gonna keep using that." Which is what I think
is going to happen in a lot of design offices, regardless of what the
building codes say.

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Now we are on the same page.  When I say that ASD lives, it is largely
name only.  You are 100% correct in that the ASD that people will see in
the 2005 spec will not look all that much like what they are used to
seeing...and this is point that I have been trying to get across in my
posts today.

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